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  • Ibn Badis Promenade : Overview of the port and old town founded in 1847.
  • Pasha Mosque : was built in the late 18th century under the Bey Mohamed El-Kabir ordered Baba Hassane Pacha Algiers in memory of the expulsion of Spanish. Visit every day from 8:00 to 12:00 except on Friday. Saint Louis : Built in 1679 by the Spaniards ransacked during the fighting and by the earthquake, it was rebuilt in 1839. The door of Spain. Marabout Sidi El Houari : (Died in 1439 in Oran). Was built in 1793 under the Bey Othmane the blind. The Casbah old town to visit.
  • Cathedral of the Sacred Heart : Opening in worship since 1913.
  • Place du 1er Novembre With its jet of water, the House and City Hall.
  • Ahmed Zaban Museum was built for this purpose in 1830, it is artistic, archaeological and scientific. There are collections of prehistoric archeology, fine arts, ethnography and natural history. Open from 10am to 12pm and from 14H to 18H.
  • Forest and Planters Murdjadjo 668 hectares of Aleppo pines, some with views over the bay of Oran, sometimes on the harbor of Mers El-Kebir. At the beginning of the ascent, on the left is a restaurant. Chapel of the Virgin was built in 1849, was replaced by a basilica in 1954, then you'll have a panoramic view of the city of Oran.
  • The Casbah picturesque site of the old Spanish-Arab city. Forest Santa Cruz Bordj el Jebel: built in the XVI century. The beaches of Oran
  • Mers El-Kebir, Ain El-Turck, Bousfer, Andalusia in the west of Oran. The Villages
  • Canastel, Ain Franin, Kristel in the east of Oran. Ain Franin and spring.
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